Makarizo Launches 2014/2015 Hair Trend, Arte Del Meteo

Makarizo Hair Trend

Makarizo Launches 2014/2015 Hair Trend, Arte Del Meteo

As a leading brand with products used in more than 50,000 salons in Indonesia and distributed across Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Mongolia, Middle East, Australia and the United States, Makarizo continues to strive for innovations. Makarizo will be launching innovative hair creations that are first inspired by major weather changes. News reports spread, Cairo has been transformed into a winter wonderland, first time after 112 years, following a historic storm in the Middle East (The Huffington Post, 2013), while Australia was hit by extreme heat waves and lightning strikes have sparked wild fire (BBC, 2014). According to the UN’s World Meteorological Organization (WMO) which monitors global weather, the first six weeks of 2014 have seen an unusual number of extremes of heat, cold and rain, not just in a few regions as might be expected in any winter, but right the way around the world at the same time (The Guardian, 2014). Inspired by these major changes, Makarizo presents 2014/2015 hair trend Arte Del Meteo, the art of weather (change). The full portfolio features 20 different hair designs.


 Arte Del Meteo, the Art of Weather (Change)

Change of weather comes in a full cycle that is captured in Arte Del Meteo. Five weather themes come together under Arte Del Meteo, Makarizo 2014/2015 hair trend.Makarizo divides the looks into Pret-a-Porter and Haute Couture looks to interpret each weather condition.

Inspired by a beautiful summer day, clear blue sky, fine sea, it is the type of day that urges a person to be outdoor. Bel Tempo, which in English means fine weatheris the perfect weather and best exemplified by breezy day of summer, where the weather entices one to spend it outdoors to enjoy. Three happy, sexy hair creations that any girls can pull off every day, Bel Tempo is a mood-lifting collection put forward as the opening of the trend.

Mare Calmo, the trend collection inspired by the first rain of spring, a cloudy, foggy day or even light snow in the winter. It induces a feeling of comfort and nostalgia that embraces calm weather. In this collection one can see the moods changing from cheerful to gloomy, as a sign of changing weather from time to time.

Burrasca, the third type of weather, exposes the edgy side of Makarizo derived from stormy weather inspiration. Lightning storm, sand storm, and blizzard set the inspiration to put a collection together that is fashion-forward hair creations mirroring three different kinds of storm.

As the weather keeps on changing, sometimes one finds extreme conditions. MeteoCatastrofico, the fourth weather type is inspired by the drama of extreme weather conditions that do not regularly happen, such as heat wave, tornado, fire storm and tidal wave. MeteoCatastrofico is articulated in four different looks.

Behind every storm there is always a rainbow; that inspires Makarizo to create Arcobaleno, the rainbow collection of two looks that represents hope, happiness and a return to good weather conditions — a full cycle of the weather trend. All these looks will be shown in Spring/Summer 2014 and Fall/Winter 2014-2015.


MakarizoSpring/Summer 2014 Hair Trend

For Spring/Summer 2014, Makarizo showcases 12 hair creations that will be trending this year categorized into five weather types as follows:

Bel Tempo (Fine Weather)

Summer Breeze is a Pret-a-Porter look inspired by beach waves with big wavy hair flowing down until just below the shoulder and blown by cool ocean breeze, dyed in in copper tones by using Makarizo Concept Ultimax coloring product as if the hair has been sun-kissed;

Summer Drizzle is a Pret-a-Porter look inspired by a combination of light rain and a breeze in the summer month of June where one can still see the blue sky during the day. A long, curly, shiny hair is achieved by using Makarizo Smart Waves perming product with a touch of lustrous glaze and highlight;

Summer Moon is a Pret-a-Porter look inspired by the moon light in the clear bright night sky reflected on the strands of straight hair. Summer Moon is a result of the application of Makarizo Rebonding System Colored Straight where hair could be straightened and colored at once.


Mare Calmo (Calm Weather)

Rolling Fog is a Pret-a-Porter look inspired by the evening fog saying goodbye to the day light when it is time for the sun to set and turn the horizon into darker shades. Soft balayage gradation technique is applied to get the result of elegant red hair by using Makarizo Concept Ultimax.

Misty River is an Haute Couture look inspired by meandering river which is surrounded by mist.  Excellent bob haircut with gold and red accent from top to the bottom reflects river flow.

Spring Rain and Gust of Wind are both Pret-a-Porter looks inspired from the serene feeling in calm weather when the days are cloudy and rain starts to fall. Rain is carried by the wind and driven onto

facades, just like straight, medium-length hair being pushed forward covering both sides of a beautiful face of Spring Rain, or only one side of a sleek-looking short hair in Gust of Wind.  Both looks are achieved by the new technique of Makarizo Rebonding System Colored Straight where hair could be straightened and colored at once.

Burrasca (Stormy Weather)

Sand Storm is an Haute Couture look inspired by the desert area where strong wind blows the sand, turning them into big rolls of horizontal waves of sand and dust. The result is an Haute Couture look created by using Makarizo Smart Waves perming product.


MeteoCatastrofico (Extreme Weather)

Heat Wave and Fire Storm are Haute Couture looks inspired from the extreme act of nature in many parts of the world. Heat Wave happens in a long period of extremely hot weather as a stretch of summer heat. Haute Couture hair is straightened with Makarizo Rebonding System and colored partially. Under the blazing sun, the heat of the original fire draws in more the surrounding air, resulting in a huge, intense Fire Storm. This Haute Couture look uses two colors from Makarizo Concept Ultimax while having three color dimensions.


Arcobaleno (Rainbow)

RainbowFlow is a Pret-a-Porterlook that signifies colorful life and hope where one can explore more hair colors with Makarizo Concept Ultimax, while Rainbow Twist is an Haute Couture look featuring hidden color blocking technique and sectioned styling to create the crown of the hair style, and a mysterious side of a colorful wavy look with big waves from top to bottom, created by using Makarizo EXO perming product.

Putting the collection together are Makarizo Artistic Team and Yovan Liew, Makarizo International Trainer from Malaysia who shares his technical expertise in cutting and coloring. Indonesian hair color expert Michael Helmy is also collaborating as technical advisor for coloring, working alongside Makarizo Artistic Team: Henie, Hendry Lovia, Mince, Heru Sukoco, Iwan Suherman, Alex Rachmansyah and team. Makarizo also invites inspiring celebrity guest hair and fashion stylist Qiqi Franky to give his rendition of Arte Del Meteo and has chosen to render two Haute Couture looks for the Makarizo Spring/Summer 2014: Sand Storm and Fire Storm. Qiqi Franky is a well-known hair and fashion stylist who has been working in the local and international fashion industries for almost 20 years. Makarizo is excited to be collaborating with him for another two looks for Fall/Winter 2014-2015. Makarizo fall/Winter 2014-2015hair trend will be out in September 2014.There will be an additional 8 hair creations to be released by Makarizo.