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Nestlé® Pure Life® is the world’s most popular mineral drinking water. Served in more than 40 countries around the globe, under the license and supervision from Nestlé Water SA, PT Akasha Wira International Tbk started to produce and distribute Nestlé® Pure Life® for Indonesian market in 2005 in order to meet the needs for a safe and healthy mineral drinking water with a great taste

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Range of Products

Nestlé® Pure Life® available in three size of bottle, in Indonesia.Starting from the individual bottle for on-the-go consumption (330ML and 600ML), to the family size bottle (1500ML)

Nestlé® Pure Life® can be found in many points of sale, including retail, (traditional & modern market) and also HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant & Café).

Guaranteed Quality

Nestlé® Pure Life® comes from a natural water source located at the center of a reserved forest. The reserved forest protects the water source from being polluted by dangerous environment and any other contaminations. The water source itself are being treated wisely and periodically checked and tested by experts, to ensure that its quality and availability sustained and reserved for future generation.

– ISO 22000: Food Safety Management System certificate

– OHSAS 18001: International occupational health and safety management system specification certificate

– SNI 01-3553-2006: Indonesian standard for mineral drinking water certificate

– Halal Certificate from Indonesia Ulama Council

– Approval for The Environment Management Endeavor/ Environment Monitoring Endeavor (UKL/UPL) from the Ministry of Environment through its Spatial and Environment Agency of Bogor District No. 660/2774/BA-DTRLM

– Followed the standard approved by WHO


Although the virtues and health benefits of natural mineral waters have long been recognized, their taste has often been unfairly overlooked as being of secondary interest.

Nestlé® Pure Life® comes in a very gentle, smooth and refreshing taste. Its flowing texture and inherent consistency is appealing to everyone.

Based on a study conducted by a group of experts to reveal and distil its taste and the involvement of Nestlé Water’s expert (sensory analysis, hydro geologist),Nestlé® Pure Life® is the best way for you to enjoy the fun of healthy hydration in a very refreshing taste.


Nestlé® Pure Life® are being produced in the most advanced technology with international standardization, without direct human contact. The water comes directly form its source to the plantation through high quality stainless steel pipes with multi flow system. The water then being filtered through a multi-level-filtration system in micro scale to ensure that it’s free from bacteria and any other harmful particles.After going through other sterilization process, the water then being filled into the bottles that aremade from virgin plastic materials. All these process went under a strict control from experts to ensure its safety, hygiene, and quality which makes Nestlé® Pure Life® the best mineral water available.


We all know that hydration is essential to the human body. Daily exercise, a good night’s sleep and proper nutrition are all part of the equation when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. But, Nestlé® Pure Life® understands that with today’s busy lifestyles, it’s sometimes hard for a person to stay on track. That’s why drinking Nestlé® Pure Life® is one of the easiest ways to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Nestlé® Pure Life® constantly held and sponsored various events, ranging from families fair, sport competition to music concert. All of these are to make sure that people could enjoy the fun of healthy hydration and just as a little reminder that whatever your activity is, you can always stay hydrated with Nestlé® Pure Life®

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