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Akasha International’s reason for being is to bring the world’s best consumer solutions to the world’s mass.

Akasha International is aiming to create and maintain a long-lasting mutually-respectful relationship with our consumers by delighting them with superior solutions and better value proposition beyond today’s norms.

Akasha International regards the trusts from our consumers very seriously and works hard every day to retain and strengthen the relationships.  Akasha International doesn’t take consumer’s hard-earned trusts in our brands as our entitlement; rather the company takes this seriously as responsibility and promise to be fulfilled every single day.At the moment, Akasha International produces and markets beverage and beauty care products primarily in Indonesia.  Akasha International intends to deepen the relationship with Indonesian consumers by expanding our solution offering within as well as beyond the beverage and beauty care categories. Akasha International has also started building and expanding relationship with consumers outside Indonesia, in both emerging countries as well as developed countries, such as, Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, etc. Akasha International  aims to achieve the above via a buy-and-build strategy of carefully selected brands in target sales channels or in target countries.  In the past five years, Akasha International has made one acquisition a year and intends to keep this acquisition pace going forwards. Akasha International is investing quite heavily relative to our today’s size and needs in scalable core capability platforms in order to support future’s acquisition and growth opportunities.  Each platform attempts to achieve world-class capabilities led by committed and obsessed leaderships supported by state-of-the-art yet practical technology and purposed-built processes.

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